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About Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Core Values are principles that drive our relationships with clients and partners. At Online Micro Services, we are equally committed to lending our Core values to our community, giving back where and whenever we can. As social responsibility is deeply rooted in our corporate culture, we also encourage our employees to invest back in the community.

Online Micro Services is committed to safety & health of all the people who work in and with the organization and treats this as its prime priority and is committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all its employees, contractors and visitors.

Commitment to Environment, Health, and Safety: Totally committed to reduce any environmental effects caused by our operations.

We practice programs, and contribute in creating a workplace where our employees are safe, healthy and happy. As part of our annual charter, under Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) management system, we undertake a range of systematic activities to reduce overall environmental impact of our daily activities.

Ensuring compliance with authorities governing laws and regulations:
- Saving energy and water
- Reducing carbon footprints
- Furnishing medical Insurance facilities